The memes about My Chemical Romance's reunion are actually God tier

1 November 2019, 16:28

"Me finally getting out of my emo phase just for MCR to say they’re coming back..."

Unless you've been living under a rock, haven't logged on to Twitter dot com for the last 24 hours or simply never had the slightest hint of an emo phase, you'll have probably heard that God tier emo legends My Chemical Romance have announced, finally, that they will be reuniting for a one-off show in December 2020.

The band are set to play LA's Shrine Expo Hall in a few months and fans all over the world are currently NOT OK.

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The reunion news was announced on MCR's official Twitter account yesterday (Oct 31). Fans clocked a change in profile picture and a series of cryptic symbols (clarity, courage, sacrifice and emotion) being posted to their Instagram story just before the news dropped.

The second the long-awaited reunion was announced, Twitter exploded with memes and reactions from fans who have been waiting 84 years for this to happen.

Here are all the best My Chemical Romance reunion memes:

My Chemical Romance memes are going viral after the confirmed reunion
My Chemical Romance memes are going viral after the confirmed reunion. Picture: Reprise, Netflix

It's time, people...

When you've been on high alert for the past 3 years and it finally happened...

Excuuuuuuse me?

Hot Topic are about to make more profit than Apple.

I'm never taking the eyeliner off again.

Look at us! Hey, look at us! Who would've thought? NOT ME!

Just when you thought it was over for real real...

Here you go again.

I've been in a coma since March 2013.

Somewhere in the world, I hope these legends reunited to rock out to MCR once again.

If you need me, I'll be on stop of a car screaming the lyrics to 'Welcome To The Black Parade'.


I feel so alive.

*g note intensifies*

A Halloween miracle. Literally a Halloween miracle.

Sorry to this man.

Such perfect timing.

Knew it.