Everyone is dragging these wild "natural birth control" tips and calling them "dangerous"

12 June 2019, 17:26

Natural birth control
Natural birth control. Picture: Bravo/Screenshot/twitter

By PopBuzz

A post about "natural birth control options" went viral and the Internet is absolutely roasting the post which suggests papaya seeds, wild yam, and toxic pennyroyal as forms of birth control.

A tweet about "natural birth control" went viral this week after people criticised it for spreading ineffective and potentially dangerous information.

In a now deleted post, Twitter user @MissBriaJanay shared "natural birth control options" which included using papayas, wild yam, and a plant called pennyroyal, as forms of "natural" birth control. Interestingly, many people pointed out that Pennyroyal can be toxic if ingested.

Natural birth control viral tweet
Natural birth control viral tweet. Picture: @MissBriaJanay/Twitter screenshot

Naturally the internet reacted strongly to the unusual advice, with some calling it "dangerous" and "potentially fatal".

Aside from some of the "options" being potentially harmful if ingested, relying on herbs and seeds to prevent pregnancy seemed to most people like a generally unwise idea.

There is never anything wrong with incorporating natural herbs and remedies into your diet. However, taking care of your sexual and reproductive health shouldn't be left up to chance with seeds and herbs. Seeds and herbs don't prevent sexually transmitted diseases and shouldn't be depended on for pregnancy prevention.

If you're looking for reliable and trustworthy information on what birth control options work best for you, make sure to consult a health care professional. And if you're not sure, remember that condoms are 98-99% effective when used properly and can prevent STIs.