Normani inspires viral 'Motivation' challenge with her new basketball dance move

19 August 2019, 17:31 | Updated: 20 August 2019, 15:50

By Sam Prance

Normani's jaw-dropping 'Motivation' video has inspired an iconic viral challenge.

Normani the solo artist is finally here and her new video has already inspired the 'Motivation' challenge.

It came out last week (Aug 16) but we're still not over Normani's 'Motivation' video. Not only is it one of the most memorable visuals in recent pop history (the choreography, the looks, the the references) but it also marks the arrival of a new superstar.

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We've always known that Normani is incredibly talented (watch literally any Fifth Harmony performance) but this video is on a whole other level and it proves that she has the potential to become a legend in her own right.

In fact, the 'Motivation' video is so popular that it's responsible for a new viral challenge.

What is Normani's Motivation challenge?

Normani inspires viral 'Motivation' challenge with her new basketball dance move
Normani inspires viral 'Motivation' challenge with her new basketball dance move. Picture: Keep Cool/RCA Records

One of the standout scenes in the 'Motivation' video involves Normani dancing on a basketball court from the set of Jennifer Lopez' 'I'm Real (Remix)' video. The sequence harks back to classic '00s films like Love & Basketball and Love Don't Cost a Thing. It also sees Normani flex her gymnastic skills.

However, there is one movement in the video in particular which is so amazing that people are trying to recreate it.

At one point in the video, Normani bounces the basketball, does a pirouette, hits the basketball with her knee and then taps it off of her bum like it's no big deal. Since the music video dropped, fans have been showing off their best attempts at the move on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and social media at large.

With that in mind, here is the scene and a few of the funniest incarnations of the 'Motivation' challenge so far.

Now this a real challenge!

What do you think? Can you do the 'Motivation' challenge?