The 'not a cell phone in sight' meme will make you wish you were born in the good old days

13 November 2018, 17:01

By Sam Prance

Memes glorious memes...

Memes are literally one of the greatest things that this planet has to offer. In times of despair, they always come through and make us laugh. Not only that but the internet never stops coming up with them. In November alone, we've seen the birth of everything from the 'don't say it' meme (this is relatable af) to the 'how long' meme (we're still crying). Even Miley Cyrus is now part of meme royalty.

It's this next meme that's killing us all though. Every now and then the internet blesses us with something that is so random and wonderful that you can't really remember what life was like before it. It's so unique and ridiculous that it can make you crack up at any given moment, no matter what context it's used in. It's now time to introduce you the 'not a cell phone in sight meme'.

The 'not a cell phone in sight' meme
The 'not a cell phone in sight' meme. Picture: DreamWorks Pictures // The CW

For this one we're going to need you to cast your minds back. Way back. Maybe even before you were born back. Think of your parents or even your grandparents who like to reminisce on the good old days. The days when we didn't all have cell phones and old people thought that we were better off. Well the 'not a cell phone in sight meme' turns that opinion on its head.

All you need to do is think of a film still, or tv scene, or iconic vine without cell phones, and then accompany it with the line "not a cell phone in sight. just people living in the moment". The weirder the better. Still not sure what we're talking about? Check out some of the funniest ones below.

American Horror Story fans unite.


Krusty Krab knew the true meaning of life.

An icon.

The meme gets pretty weird.


Like really weird.

Wait. Wtf?

People are putting a biblical spin on it.

Those were the days.

Actually a lot of people are doing this.

We can't.

Then there are those who are relating it to X-Men.

If you know, you know.

...and Riverdale.

Gryphons and Gargoyles. What a time to be alive.

This is one for the sportsmen out there.

Yes. Wii Sport counts as sport.

Now everyone can agree that this was an excellent time.

Bring on Lion King 2018.

Animal Crossing players can I get an amen?

No lies were told here.

Now this was a classic.

If you haven't seen My Best Friend's Wedding, you haven't lived.

We're not really sure what's going on here but we stan.

Hang this in the Louvre.

Seriously though life was so beautiful without cell phones.

Well, maybe not.

Now this is just triggering.

Life before the Red Wedding was truly beautiful.

Jersey Shore is getting its dues.

An iconic scene.

Not to mention Club Penguin.

Those really were the days.

And last but not least...Shrek.

It always ends with Shrek.