The 'ladies if he' meme will reveal who's 'not your man' in the most hilarious way

26 November 2018, 18:24

By Sam Prance

Ladies it's time to find out if he's not your man...

Memes never cease to amaze us. 2018 may be all over the place but memes have remained a constant source of inspiration and entertainment for us all year long. From the hilarious (the 'not a cell phone in sight' meme) to the bizarre (two porn stars really became a meme this year), the internet has blessed us with countless iconic viral moments over the past few months and it's still going.

'They did surgery on a grape' has been turned into a hilarious meme

The latest life-changing meme to take over the World Wide Web is the talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular ladies if he meme. It's a meme tailor made for anyone unlucky in love. Essentially if you tend to date total jerks and aren't exactly sure why or you just openly have trouble working out if someone is the man for you, this is your meme. Listen up.

The 'ladies if he' meme will reveal who's 'not your man'
The 'ladies if he' meme will reveal who's 'not your man'. Picture: YouTube // Thru The Lens

The way the meme works is simple. All you need to do is think of a man, or object, or anything really and make it the subject of your meme moment. You start it out writing "ladies if he", then you add a list of character traits and habits that you would associate with your chosen one. Start off general, then get specific. You end it by writing "he's not your man" and revealing who it is.

Still not sure what on earth we're talking about? We've gathered just a few of the funniest ones all in one place for you.

It suits iconic actresses...

Katya never fails to amuse us.

...and historic authors.

This one's for the literary buffs.

The Killers continue to be perfect meme fodder.

This shouldn't be as funny as it is.

Lord of the Rings works too.

If you know, you know.

Marvel fans can I get an amen?


Any 90s children will resonate with this one.

A living legend.

This is for the Riverdale fans out there.

If you know, you know.

In keeping with the villain theme....

Now that really is someone you don't want to be your man.

The Great British Bake Off has been included too.

We see no lies.

Animals are getting the full meme treatment.

We can't.

This one is very niche.

We stan.

Fictional animals make the cut too.

Our hearts

Not to mention books.

We need a "books are better than men" tattoo.

And last but not least....

...we need to log off.