The Internet Is Losing It Over This Girl's Optical Illusion Trousers - Can You See It?

26 February 2018, 15:21

Optical illusion
Picture: via Twitter/@milanoysl
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Everyone keeps making the SAME hilarious observation about her trousers.

Twitter user @milanoys has gone viral after an outfit she posted turned out to be a head scratching optical illusion.

Marisol shared a photo of herself mixing horizontal and vertical stripes and the combination caused people to see her outfit a little differently than she might have intended.

"Yea I just combined vertical and horizontal stripes," she captioned the photo. It's a solid outfit, to be sure.

It was the appearance of the single-striped track bottoms, however, that caused a bit of confusion.

Optical Illusion
Picture: via Twitter/ErikPryal
Optical Illusion 2
Picture: via Twitter/@victoriaylito

Pretty much everyone thought that the stripe in the middle of her trouser leg was actually her thigh gap and, we'll admit it, we did a double take, as well.

Marisol clarified that, no, she didn't actually have the body of a super stretchy cartoon character.

We love a hilarious visual mix up.

And, just in case you were wondering where her optical illusion outfit is from, Marisol's trousers are from Zara and her top is from Stradivarius. Now, go forth and create your own optical illusion outfits.