Is Party Makeup by Nikki real? The truth behind the viral video explained

15 December 2020, 13:14

Is Party Makeup by Nikki real?
Is Party Makeup by Nikki real? Picture: Carlitos Cristian Marquez via YouTube
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Here's the truth behind the viral 'Party Makeup by Nikki' YouTube video.

As you know, the internet loves all things creepy and disturbing (see: Megan Is Missing…) but there's a new video that has been circulating lately and it's pretty terrifying.

Party Makeup by Nikki is a seemingly harmless makeup tutorial at first but it soon becomes increasingly disturbing. In the clip, a woman named Nikki takes us through her makeup routine. So far, pretty tame. However, a little bit into the tutorial, the left side of the screen changes to what looks like CCTV footage of darkness and Nikki immediately starts staring directly into the camera before sinister music cuts in.

Nikki then starts banging her head against the table and blood splatters everywhere. After the episode, she sits in her chair dead still with a swollen face and one eye twitching, while blood pours down her face.

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:D Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial

Is Party Makeup by Nikki real? The truth explained.

Everyone wants to know if the tutorial is real and some have speculated that Nikki had been possessed by a demon. The video was originally uploaded in 2014 by The 15 Experience, who claims to be a hacker that has managed to access security footage proving paranormal activity at a haunted location.

The video has now been removed from The 15 Experience's channel but the description reportedly read: "The video was sent to me anonymously. I do not have any information beyond that. It is for you to decide no your own whether it is real or fake."

The 15 Experience hacker encourages viewers to visit on their videos and at the end of Nikki's tutorial, however, the website no longer exists. According to a YouTube video, the website gave viewers a look at found footage style paranormal activity. It's pretty much Blair Witch and not real.

Nikki has now also been identified as Haitian-American actress and writer Nakia Secrest. Her tweet from June 2014 proves that the video was definitely not real and she's very much alive. She tweeted: "Almost at 1 million views."

Phew, we can all sleep a little easier tonight…