The 'Gay Fear' Meme Is Leaving 'Queer Eye' Fans In Stitches

21 June 2018, 15:30 | Updated: 19 November 2018, 14:56

Queer Eye
Queer Eye. Picture: Netflix

By Sam Prance

It's also the most relatable thing you will see all day...

Queer Eye is back with a new season and the Fab Five are already wowing viewers globally with their incredible makeovers, tear-jerker moments and general fabulosity. Bobby, Karamo, Jonathan, Antoni and Tan are the dream team and this series' participants are all wonderful. From cancer survivor Tammye to Walmart employee William, we are in awe of all of them.

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It is not just the storylines that are catching fans' attention though. Alongside all of the useful lifestyle tips and heartwarming segments, people have been turning the Fab Five's actions into hilarious memes. One stands out in particular though. Fans have turned a still of Jonathan looking scared into a meme with the caption 'gay fear'.

Confused? The meme is being used to reference times in which LGBTQ+ people may be or may have been scared because of their sexuality. Anyone who is queer can relate. Of course some of these experiences are more universal than others. That time you were scared of being outed at school? A pretty universal gay fear. That time a guy at school asked you what football team you support? A gay fear that is only really applicable to gay men not interested in sport.

Some of them play into and poke fun at stereotypes. Others are just hilarious.

When people are confused as to why you keep on picking Princess Peach in Mario Kart.

She serves looks. Why wouldn't you pick her?

When teachers at school decided to separate the class into gendered groups for certain classes.

This was never fun.

When it sounds like someone is about to ask you THAT question.

I think I always had a 'NO. I'm just really camp' speech prepared.

When someone at school would find it weird that you didn't really have any friends of the same sex.

This is almost TOO accurate.

Then there's just the fear of technology.

No comment.

There's also the very specific fear that a rumoured Britney Spears single may not be coming out when you thought that it would.


And finally there's gay fear squared.