RadicalSeb's recent TikTok drama has become a viral meme

19 June 2019, 14:07 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 10:35

RadicalSeb on Instagram/apology video
RadicalSeb on Instagram/apology video. Picture: Instagram:@radicalseb/TikTok:@radicalseb
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The era of the YouTube apology video is dead, apparently.

TikTok apology videos are now a thing and now users of the app are even recycling them, and turning them into TikTok memes. How 2019.

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It all started with Sebastian Kretzmann, known as RadicalSeb on TikTok, who was a member of content creators Strawberry Milk Gang. Last week, Kretzmann was accused of making offensive racial slurs and sending inappropriate and sexually explicit messages to underage fans.

According to RadicalSeb's video, he was just hanging out with friends in a group chat and on a video call when they made explicit "jokes" to an underage boy. RadicalSeb admitted that he knew that one of the boy's in the video chat was underage, but he continued to make sexual comments because he was trying to be funny.

RadicalSeb apologised for the offence caused in a video posted on TikTok. However, he denied asking anyone in the group to send sexual photos. He also did not address any of the racist language he used.

"I didn't think that was going to make this person feel uncomfortable because I’m friends with them and I’m just being myself in the friend group," he said. "I feel completely disgusted and feel bad. I made people feel uncomfortable. What I said was wrong. And I feel bad about it. I am sorry."

RadicalSeb – who had 330,000 TikTok followers – was best known for his sketches and queer-focused content. He had a huge TikTok fanbase, his own line of branded merch and there were even rumours of a tour with other members of Strawberry Milk Gang. 

The allegations against RadicalSeb really blew up on TikTok and soon memes and responses to his apology were being created. But, the one that has really caught on is a meme created with the video app's duets feature, which allows videos appear in split screen.

On one side they would make fun of or react to RadicalSeb's apology and on the other side they would post the original apology video.

RadicalSeb apology video meme.
RadicalSeb apology video meme. Picture: TikTok:@cemetary

TikTok users are also meme-ing a video where RadicalSeb admits to using the N-word, before laughing about it.

RadicalSeb N-word TikTok.
RadicalSeb N-word TikTok. Picture: TikTok:@s.dney

RadicalSeb appears to have deleted his TikTok account private and disabled comments on his Instagram posts.

Meanwhile, the other members of the Strawberry Milk Gang have condemned RadicalSeb's actions and haven’t collaborated with them since.