This ‘Ranked’ Meme Is Taking Over The Internet And It’s HILARIOUS

26 June 2018, 13:13

Avengers. Picture: Marvel Studios

By Sam Prance

This is everything...

We all know how hard it is to rank things. If you're a fan of an artist or a franchise, trying to put their work or them in an order from best to worst or vice versa can be impossible. It's like choosing between babies. Each has their own unique value and ranking them feels somewhat reductive. It fails to take into account the nuances of the things that you are ranking.

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Still we are only human and when it comes to things like TV series or albums most us have our favourite seasons and songs. We may not be able to put them into a complete order but when it comes to choosing one, something speaks to our hearts more than others. Like it may be hard to rank the members of Little Mix but you can name your fave - (It's Jade).

Ever the generous provider, the internet has come up with an incredible new meme that captures this conundrum perfectly. Here are some of the most amazing ones so far.

Some people are shouting out their fave Disney princesses.

Ariel, Pocahontas and Elsa found rotting.

Others are using it to big up their fave One Direction members.

Did Harry Styles release 'Slow Hands' though?

In fact the One Direction ones are quite popular.

We agree with this with every fibre of our beings.

The format works just as well for Ed Sheeran songs.

That was way harsh Tai.

It's perfect for films too.

We see no lies.

Although THIS is the greatest film of all time.

Yes this is our own tweet. And what about it?

THIS is one of the best uses of the meme.

What a man.

The Marvel editions are really popular tbh.

The levels to this tweet. If you know, you know.

Bucky fans unite.


A few people are ranking Taylor Swift albums.

Talented, brilliant, unique, showstopping, spectacular...

A couple of people are even analysing the new 5 Seconds of Summer album.

Into? Specifically? 5SOS singing in Simlish.

And Lana songs.

An underrated classic.

Lorde songs too.

Finally someone is giving 'Ribs' the respect that it deserves.

Last but not least there are those who are turning the meme completely on its head.

No comment.

God bless the internet.