Ray J's glasses have been turned into a hilarious meme

20 December 2018, 16:48

Ray J on The Breakfast Club/Nene Leakes laughing
Ray J's glasses are now a meme. Picture: Twitter/@thebreakfastclub/Pinterest
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

From amateur porn star to entrepreneur? We really didn't see this coming.

Ray J isn't just a singer, Love & Hip Hop star and Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend. He now has another career path to add to his never-ending CV – salesman.

The One Wish singer launched a multi-million dollar electronics firm, Raycon Global, back in 2017 and now he's branching out into eyewear. Ray gave a little preview of his new glasses and, unsurprisingly, the internet has turned it into a meme.

The businessman appeared on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club this week to plug a new product, Bunny Eyez. Ray J cleverly pitched a pair of all-purpose reading glasses that bend and fold to allow readers to drive or sleep with them on. But Ray J's selling techniques left Breakfast Club hosts Charlamagne tha God and Angela Yee in absolute stitches.

Now, Ray J's entire existence is pretty meme-able. Remember when his ever-changing hat become a meme, or when he pushed his now-wife Princess Love into a swimming pool? So of course it went viral and the internet came through.

That look killed it.

In the office like…

It's hard to wrap your head around it all.

It's actually innovative.

Ray J wasn't actually the first.

It's what we all deserve.

When your friend spills the tea and it's piping hot.

We need this.

We feel you.

Oh no, not this debate again.

Someone just had to mention Kim Kardashian and that tape.

Despite the jokes about Bunny Eyez, they're 100% real and darn clever. However, Ray J didn't actually invent them. Bunny Eyez was created by Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz, Ray J was simply promoting them.