Royal Wedding Memes: 26 Of The Best Tweets From The Ceremony

21 May 2018, 15:49

Royal Wedding Memes Harry Meghan
Picture: PHIL NOBLE/AFP/Getty Images/NBC

By Katie Louise Smith

"I see Prince George has discovered My Chemical Romance..."

Don't know if you've heard but ummm, there was a very big, very important wedding that took place this weekend (May 19) involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (or Rachel Zane from Suits to those of us who have been loyal stans since 2011.)

It actually was a really really moving and beautiful ceremony; the dress was stunning, the music was inspired, the American pastor was amazingggggg... but most importantly, the memes, ohhhhh the memes. The memes were lit, fam.

Here are some of the best tweets from the day:

This royal wedding had EVERYTHING.


The most iconic glo-up in this history of glo-ups. No one can deny it.

And THAT is what they call, securing the bag.

Pippa Middleton, wyd?

Prince George has HAD it with your schemes.

Rick Hoffman went FULL Louis Litt from Suits and it was everything.

When your sixth-in-line to the throne ex-boyfriend invites you to his wedding where he's married that paralegal from your favourite law drama Suits.

Ocean's 2 is in progress.

Amal is serving.

Imagine inviting David Beckham to your wedding and then having him upstage you like THAT.

When I finally get that man, it's over for you bitches.

Here's a chess specific meme.

I am either George or Charlotte. There is no in between.

Beatrice and Eugenie are not even gonna give your fiends on Twitter the bait this time.

My thoughts EXACTLY. ❤️

BRB, crying.