Russell Brand Reacts To 'Parklife' Meme With His Own Video Parody Of Blur's Song

4 November 2014, 14:37 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Russell Brand 2014

By Jason Gregory

So good.

Following the hilarious trend of people adding Russell Brand's chronically verbose political ramblings to samples of Blur's 1994 hit "Parklife", the comedian/would-be revolutionary has hit back.


As he admits himself, "verbal dexterity plus estuary accent is what leads to parodies of..."


So with the help of Irish comedy duo the Rubberbandits, Russell has embraced the meme and penned this full-length parody of the song.

It's... well, it's at least a good-humoured effort to get people to listen to the points he's trying to make. The Rubberbandits' imitations of Damon Albarn's vocals are a little bit cringey, though.


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