Scarlett Johannson Playing Characters From Minority Groups Has Now Become A Meme

5 July 2018, 12:26

Scarlett Johannson
Picture: Paramount / Getty
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"Avengers star, Scarlett Johansson is in-talks to play Mahatma Gandhi in an upcoming biopic"

As you've probably seen already, Scarlett Johansson latest casting has landed her in A LOT of hot water. It was announced earlier this week (June 3) that she will play a trans man in Rub & Tug, the forthcoming film by director Rupert Sands.

This follows on from Scarlett's role in Sand's last film, Ghost In The Shell, in which Scarlett played a character who was Japanese in the original comic book. Her casting in GITS caused a lot of controversy at the time, as many felt the film was guilty of white-washing because it did not cast a Japanese actress in the role. Now Scarlett is being criticised for the exact same thing, only this time people are questioning why a trans actor hasn't been cast in the role.

Scarlett issued a defiant statement via her rep justifying her role in Rub & Tug: "Tell them they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman’s reps for comment”, in a nod to other cis actors who have played trans characters.

Some people have just about had it with Scarlett's sense of entitlement when it comes to these acting roles. In fact, many are now joking on the internet that Scarlett believes she can play just about anyone in a film, especially people of colour or minority groups. Get ready to scream when you read these 'upcoming' projects Scarlett has on the go.

I literally can't think of a single person better suited for the role.


Wow she's so versatile!

Thanks for bringing these stories to life, Scarlett!

It's what Fela Kuti would have wanted.

Scarlett actually owns a 'Best of Afrobeat' CD, so she's really doing her research for this part.


Did you say wig?



Can you believe?

Can't wait to see all of these tbh.

Do our eyes deceive us?

Yes. Yes it is.

This has Oscar written all over it.

Start preparing your speech, Scarlett!

Don't be jealous!

Pay them bitches no mind, Scarlett.

And now for a sneak peek behind Scarlett's creative decision-making process.

The more you know!

We can't wait to see Scarlett in all these movies. How blessed we are to have an actress as talented and versatile as her that can transcend gender and race with such effortlessness.