The Scarlett Johansson dancing meme from Marriage Story is hilariously savage

17 December 2019, 21:52

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A scene of Scarlett Johansson's Marriage Story character Nicole dancing has been turned into a meme

Netflix's Marriage Story gave the internet plenty of meme-worthy moments and we're not just talking about the infamous shouting scene between Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson's characters. The Noah Baumbach drama about a couple who go through a tricky separation and divorce was a solid and emotional tale that had all the children of divorced parents shook to their core.

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But just when we thought the Marriage Story meme fest had concluded, the Scarlett Johansson dancing meme reeled us back in. Scarlett Johansson's Marriage Story character dancing as a way to signal that she was once carefree and fun has, of course, inspired plenty of tongue-in-cheek comparisons and hilarious tweets.

May cause bloating, indigestion, muscle aches, spasms, shortness of breath, longness of breath and death.

When I ingest something other than my hourly iced coffee. this song.

No, seriously. Explain it.

This is high art, actually.


Scarlett Johansson dancing with wild abandon in the absolute most 'can I speak with your manager' way possible. Marriage Story is truuuuuly the gift that keeps on giving.