Scorpio season has arrived and the memes are so savage

24 October 2018, 18:17

Scorpio season memes
Picture: Getty/Netflix
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

It's Scorpio season, guys and the memes are officially out of control.

It is officially Scorpio season (October 23-November 22) and, even if you're not big on star signs, you need to be on high alert. Scorpios are (no offense) highly chaotic as a star sign and the memes about them have Twitter in stitches.

Twitter has brought us some iconic memes this month. Let's Get This Bread and The Distance memes are fulfilling our internet laugh quota for the month. It's people's takes on Scorpios that have us laughing at the accuracy (no offense).

Be careful out there, ya'll!

Legally, if someone asks if you're a Scorpio you have to tell them.

I think I read that in a law textbook once.

Libras, step aside...

All the Scorpios are feeling too powerful right now.

Being a Scorpio seems like a mood, actually?

So, why do Scorpios have this reputation?

According to Scorpios are "intense, passionate and filled with desire. They’re also complex and secretive."

Scorpios are very strong-willed, albeit temperamental and all you have to do is look to your nearest Scorpio acquaintance to figure out why people fear and respect this high intensity star sign.

Happy Scorpio season guys! Let's make it a safe one!