The "Selfie Kid" From The Super Bowl Is The Best Meme Of 2018 So Far

5 February 2018, 14:15

Selfie Kid, Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake, Meme
Picture: NBC / Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

Selfie Kid has become a meme. Left Shark's funeral will be held this Thursday.

If you were one of the millions of people who only tuned into the Super Bowl to watch the movie trailers, over the top commercials and the iconic halftime show, you would have probably have seen Selfie Kid's meteoric rise to meme fame half way through Justin Timberlake's performance.

The kid in question? 13-year-old Ryan McKenna, who was just trying to get his damn phone ready for the most iconic selfie of all time with Justin Timberlake. (He managed it, by the way.)


Toward the end of Justin's performance, he climbs the stairs in the crowd and stops to sing with Ryan who was recording the performance on his phone. Ryan then zones into his phone, preparing to switch to camera mode, but as the camera clocked him, it looked like he'd just completely lost interest in - what some are claiming (!!) - a very boring half-time show. Seconds later, a meme was born.

People started tweeting this picture of Ryan on his phone paired with a screenshot of what he was probably not googling at that point in time.

Who is this man who just put his arm around me and sang the Academy Award-nominated theme tune to the 2016 movie Trolls starring screen legend Anna Kendrick?

I cannot believe I got dragged to this football game while everyone else is mourning Jack Pearson's death in the comfort of their own home.


Take me back to 2017.

And then take me back even further to 2016.

Can you ju- Justin- please- can you just wait a sec, I just need to send this strongly worded email to a frenemy of mine.

Imagine just scrolling through Twitter half-way through the show and seeing yourself meme'd in real time.

We haven't seen this level of meme-ry since Left Shark in 2015. A funeral for Left Shark will be held this Thursday.

Oh, and if you're wondering... here's the selfie he managed to grab with Justin. Selfie Kid, you're a legend.