A viral sex education video has everyone losing it over this WILD orgasm fact

30 April 2019, 17:46 | Updated: 30 April 2019, 17:47

A viral sex education video has everyone losing it over this WILD orgasm fact.
A viral sex education video has everyone losing it over this WILD orgasm fact. Picture: Twitter: @jordannjust/Channel 9
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

What's better than a little sex ed lesson via Twitter, huh?

Between Google, school and Netflix's Sex Education, literally anyone can learn the basics when it comes to sex. But one particular educational Twitter thread is going viral and it's all because of a range of mind-blowing facts that no-one knew.

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Now, the majority of us kind of know or have been taught the basics about sex at school. We know where babies come from, that condoms are vital and, if we were lucky enough, have all been shown that graphic child birth video in science class from the 90s. However, there's lots of thing we didn't learn at school.

Case in point, female orgasms. We have probably touched upon male orgasms a few times in our lives but when it comes to women no-one really bothered to teach us.

Well, that's where Kelly has stepped in. The Sexual Health Coordinator for the Center for Health Advocacy and Awareness was filmed giving an important lesson on sex, which has been liked on Twitter over 400,000 times.

The thread was created by a Twitter user named Jordan, who captioned the thread: "PLEASE WATCH! SEX EDUCATION OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM(S) FAILED TO TEACH US IN A THREAD: Part 1 - The Vulva."

Basically, Kelly breaks down how the vulva and g-spot work, why clitoral stimulation is important, the racial correlation between penis sizes, and why simply penetrating a vagina isn't always considered sex. 


To top it off, throughout the video, she even had a vest on covered in a pictures of the female reproductive organs and was holding a huge cushion shaped like the vulva.

However, it was one particular piece of information that left the internet shook. "We want to spend at least 80-60% of the time we're having sex on the clit," she explained.

"If you go and have a heterosexual hook up you have an 11% chance of orgasming. If you go in a lesbian hook up you have a 93% chance of both women orgasming. The only difference is the lack of penis, you're focusing exclusively on the clit, not on the penis." You hear that fellas? Do. Better.


People couldn't actually believe it, like, 11%!?!? Kelly really just dragged heterosexual men...

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