Blake Shelton Was Named The "Sexiest Man Alive" And The Internet's Reaction Was WILD

15 November 2017, 18:10

Sexiest Man Alive: Blake Shelton
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"I don't think he's even the sexiest man named Blake Shelton."

Blake Shelton, country music star and main squeeze of Gwen Stefani has just been named "People's Sexiest Man Alive". 

By all accounts, Blake is a very adequate and perfectly nice looking man but the internet is taking issue with awarding him this specific honour. 

Some people wondered if everyone else had died. 

Others were simply NOT HERE for this news.

Others were just like, "..."


Okay, in all seriousness. Congratulations to Blake Shelton. He's 100% alive and Gwen Stefani finds him sexy SO THAT'S FINE. 

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