This woman went viral for shaking her head and the memes are pure comedy

28 January 2019, 17:05 | Updated: 28 January 2019, 17:13

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A viral video of a woman shaking her head no has inspired some hilariously relatable memes.

A video of a young woman shaking her head has gone viral and people are using her to illustrate their most relatable moments and funniest memes. Twitter user @Shinnylove_ explained to her Twitter followers that she'd only wanted to get her "hair slayed for [her] birthday by @KeishaHermes" and ended up becoming a meme.

For what it's worth, her hair was definitely slayed to perfection and she looked great in the short clip. The viral head shaking video inspired people to come up with their own memes and scenarios where they might subtly say "no" with a shake of their head.

People applied the head shaking meme to their work life.

So sorry you're short staffed. Anyway, talk to you later.

Only people with strict parents will fully understand this mood.

This is 100% how it went.

Wait until the locusts come, Pharaoh.

And some have even been recreating the hilarious head shake meme.

No! You cannot!

Jolene definitely wasn't trying to hear it.

"Jolene" slaps but that lady did not give one hoot about what Dolly was talking about in that song.

Me? Go outside? *shakes head no*

Beyoncรฉ's favourite stage gag.

Grandmas are really good at this kind of subtle judgement.

Parents are so savage, honestly.

People reminding me of my ex romantic interests. Whew! Now that's a HUGE head shake.

In conclusion, we love our head shaking queen and I feel like this video is the only thing that gets me.