UPDATE: The 'Showering Rat' Might Not Actually Be A Rat At All

5 February 2018, 12:00

Showering Rat
Showering Rat. Picture: Twitter

By James Wilson-Taylor

After viewers pointed out some errors with the original video, the REAL animal involved may have just been identified in Chile...

By now, you have more than likely seen the viral clip of a rat showering itself in a human-like fashion that went all over Twitter last week.

Yep, that one.

But, while many thought the Disney-esque image was cute, there were also reports that it could be considered cruel or that the video was staged after viewers spotted that the rat appeared to be missing a tail.

Well, in yet another twist, it appears that the creature in the clip wasn't a rat but a pacarana, a different brown rodent from the South America area.

And, as you can see from the below clip, not only are they bloody massive but they are also used to washing themselves while standing up:

Mind. Blown.

However, while this does mean that the original viral video is likely real, it should still be noted that the pacarana appears to be irritated by the soap and desperately trying to get it off, leading many to criticise the clip for animal cruelty. According to Twitter, Chile's Minister For Energy disputed this claim, saying that the soap was actually shampoo intended for pets.

Either way, we suspect that this isn't the last we will be seeing of the 'showering pacarana' in 2018.