The "Slowed Down Songs" Meme Is Actually Genius

15 February 2018, 09:32

Slowed down songs meme
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika


People are "slowing down" their favourite songs on Twitter and the results are hilariously unexpected.

It all started when someone made the observation that Adele sounds a bit like Sam Smith when you slow her music down. 

Then other people started chiming in with their own "slowed down" songs. 

Frank Ocean slowed down sounds a lot like...a popular vine.

The slowed down songs all started with the original artist followed by a vine or a similarly wild bit of audio.

Take Me To Church got slowed down.

Not even Whitney Houston was safe from the memification of her most famous song.

Y'all heard Ariana Grande slowed down?

Barney was hiding THIS level of talent the whole time.

I said NO ONE is safe.

This is what you hear at the gates of heaven.

A classic...

Fifth Harmony did THAT

This is why Sia makes the big bucks

So who is gonna sign this little girl?

no offence, but this is art.

friend: hey, you seem troubled. what are you thinking about?
me: nothing, i'm fine. 
my brain: