Snapchat's Dancing Hot Dog Has Become A Meme And It's Their Most WTF Filter Yet

10 July 2017, 16:14 | Updated: 13 July 2017, 21:25

Snapchat Dancing Hot Dog
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The finest meat-based meme of 2017 so far...

So you thought the new map feature was the only exciting thing happening on Snapchat right now? Well then friends, you are clearly yet to come across our new best mate - the dancing, animated Snapchat hotdog.

Yes, you can now add an actual dancing meat cylinder complete with bun and headphones into your pics and videos on the social media platform and, safe to say, it's great fun.


But you know what's even more fun? Making memes with it.

Here's just a few of our faves we've spotted so far:

Tumblr, thankedblooms


Twitter, AnthonyMemes69






Tag a beautiful person whom is proud of their imperfect buns

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I do tho @badtastebb

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That's totally the first thing I'd think of too. Follow @memesvilleusa - just another meme page

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Shitposting at its finest #rickandmorty #snapchat #hotdog Follow:@jerrysmithposting for more rick and morty memes

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