15 Iconic "Stan Twitter, Do You Know This Song" Memes That Will Make You Scream "YES!"

30 August 2018, 17:17

Stan Twitter Song Meme
Picture: FX/YouTube

By Mia Collins


Ah, sweet Stan Twitter. The chaotic neutral corner of the internet. They’ve blessed us with some of the best memes of recent times and, yet again, they’ve delivered.

You may have seen recently that Twitter users are sharing the most legendary musical endeavours of all time - for example, the criminally underrated theme song for the Disney show Jonas - alongside some variation of the caption “I SAID STAN TWITTER, DO YOU KNOW THIS F*CKING SONG?”


Do we remember this song? Hell yes we do.

The songs in question can be taken from anywhere - TV shows, live performances, obscure memes from the 00’s… If it exists, it can be stanned, and stan we shall.

Do we have any Fairly Odd Parents stans in the house?!

If you didn’t lowkey have a crush on Chip, you’re only lying to yourself.

Stan Twitter loves our girl Kelly!

This is what we had to watch on YouTube back in the day.

Could your fave ever go this hard?

Taylor Swift is worthy of stanning.

Who is here for HSM2?

I like to think I got my flair for the dramatic from Gabriella.

If you don’t know this song, don’t talk to me.

Lemonade Mouth is the only band that truly gets me.

And who knows this ANTHEM?

Nice guys always finish last 😔🤘

The One Direction song that never was.

(1D made a demo of this BOP, but it was sold to another artist so the full thing was never released. Cry.)

Zoey 101 in the HOUSE.

"Oooohhhh, I know you see me standing here-uhhhh."

Who could forget the greatest song of all time?

Don’t even try to deny it.

No side of stan Twitter is more powerful than anime Twitter.

Okay but there’s no denying that this intro slaps.

So this isn’t exactly a song, but…


Yes, I am featuring Jessica Lange twice on this article.

Why? Because she earned it.

Barbie did not come to play.

Honestly, when’s the full album coming out?

Stan Twitter, you’re there for us to obsessively talk about our faves when nobody else wants too listen. Never change.