The Scoops Troop from Stranger Things are the best part of season 3, fight me

11 July 2019, 13:20 | Updated: 15 July 2019, 09:37

By Katie Louise Smith

Steve, Robin, Dustin and Erica as a group just cleared my skin and stopped the bees from dying at an alarming rate.

EXCUSE ME, I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE: The Scoops Troop from Stranger Things 3 was the best part of the entire season. And you can't change my mind.

When Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson paired up in season 2, it took all of three seconds for the fandom to start stanning. In Stranger Things 3, Steve and Dustin added two new people to their party - Robin and Erica - and together, they became the most powerful squad in the history of Hawkins known as The Scoops Troop.

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The Scoops Troop is THAT squad and they stood out as one of the best parts of the new season. So much so that the internet is now obsessed with them. There's Steve - the mother of the group, Robin - newcomer, legend and everyone's favourite lesbian aunt, Dustin - the nerdy older brother and Erica - ohhhh Erica. The definition of an icon. Truly.

The Breakfast Club are shaking. The Goonies? Never heard of them. Ghostbusters could never. Avengers found rotting.

So, if you're anything like the rest of the internet, then here's a load of tweets, memes and appreciation posts about the four American Heroes™ who helped saved Hawkins from the "evil Russians".

Scoops Troop from Stranger Things 3 are True American Heroes
Scoops Troop from Stranger Things 3 are True American Heroes. Picture: Netflix, @gatenm123 via Instagram

Just when you thought the show peaked with Steve and Dustin's season 2 dynamic...

You see that? GROWTH.

These four just cleared my skin, settled my debts and stopped the bees from dying at an alarming rate.

Can't believe they exist.

Who do we have to talk to about a Scoops Troop spin-off?

Thinking about them x

In this order: Robin, Dustin, Erica and Steve.

Shout to to ice cream for existing and bringing this squad together.

No lies detected.

DoN't Be SuSpIcIoUs!

Name a more iconic duo I will NOT wait.

Steve Harrington is Mother of the Year.

the boiz r back

He said don't do anything stupid... not don't do anything.

Tag urself, I'm Erica

You made several points.

Steve and Robin are actually the children in this equation.

Too powerful. Too strong. Too iconic.

The only icons we stan in this house!

In some ways, the Scoops Troop really are the Jonas Brothers (+ Frankie)


Thank you for your service.