People Are Doing This "Stranger Things Challenge" With Their Phones And It's Actually Amazing

13 April 2018, 12:14 | Updated: 13 April 2018, 15:49

Stranger Things Mirror Challenge
Stranger Things Mirror Challenge. Picture: @keanuarias / Netflix

By Marianne Eloise

Warning: might involve your phone smashing on the floor.

The second season of Stranger Things dropped AGES ago, but it’s still very much on everyone’s minds, as evidenced in this recent challenge that has gone viral.

The season saw our heroes once again fighting the Demogorgon and heading to the mysterious and terrifying Upside Down; a place nobody ever actually wants to go. However, this new challenge sees fans creating elaborate mirror selfie videos soundtracked by the iconic theme tune that make it look as if they’re heading there and the result are actually pretty impressive.

If you want to get involved, what you have to do is take a video of yourself in the mirror and edit it with a backwards version of another slo-mo phone drop. It takes a little bit of editing know how, some funny ideas, and ideally, something soft to drop your phone onto to avoid it, y’know, smashing all over the bathroom floor for the sake of a few likes and a retweet.

Naturally we wouldn’t necessarily recommend intentionally dropping your precious phone on the floor, but if you’re in need of some inspo, here are a few of the best ones.


And here’s a how not to do it - it is funny, though.

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