The internet has turned Sunny D's "I can't do this anymore" tweet into a meme

5 February 2019, 13:04

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The brand Sunny D tweeted "I can't do this anymore" and now the internet has turned it into a meme with tons of relatable responses.

Sunny D has had it. And, yes, I am talking about the orange drink purveyors from your childhood. The official brand Twitter account for Sunny Delight shared a downer of a tweet this week and, as it turns out, everyone relates... hard. Sunny D's "I can't do this anymore" tweet has already sparked tons of memes and responses, as well as people questioning the brand's interesting approach to social media.

It's unclear what prompted the juice account to tweet something so glib and ambiguous but, judging by all the "I can't do this anymore" memes, people suddenly feel seen by the Sunny D Twitter account.

People were immediately reminded of everything they loathed about school.

And memes about work certainly sprung to mind.

Have ya'll ever heard of cinema?

Other brands got in on the memes.

Even the err...spicier brands.

People also wondered about the implications of a brand account tweeting vague and slightly concerning messages like this for internet clout.

"Commoditizing the concept of depression and mental health issues to sell fucking sunny D is not OK," wrote one Twitter user.

Indeed, tweeting depressing messages from a sugary drink account does seem like an... interesting social media strategy.

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What do you guys think? Is it weird for junk food brands to be clout chasing with "relatable" depression tweets?