People are debating whether 'swimming counts as a shower' and here we go again

11 July 2019, 13:56 | Updated: 11 July 2019, 16:39

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The latest in internet hygiene discourse is a debate about whether "swimming counts as a bath" and people have OPINIONS.

The last few months have revealed a lot about people's hygiene habits. There was a two week period of time earlier this year where people openly debated whether leg washing was mandatory in the shower. Even celebrities like Taylor Swift weighed in on that one. Now, people are debating whether going swimming counts as bathing and this latest chapter of hygiene discourse has me more confused than ever.

So, the internet's new debate is whether "swimming counts as a bath" in the summer.

Posts like this have been doing the rounds and people are revealing that they either don't shower after swimming or believe swimming "counts" as a bath.

Swimming counts as a bath Twitter response
Swimming counts as a bath Twitter response. Picture: Twitter/@PetrickSara

"Not all parents agree, but I personally think swimming in a pool counts as a bath on bath day," wrote one person. Some people have even referred to this as a "summer bath".

As for bathing versus swimming...while both activities involve water, not everyone is convinced that they're actually interchangeable.

It probably comes down to the fact that when you're showering, you're using soap, water, and (hopefully) a loofa to wash the dirt and germs off of your skin. But when you're swimming, you're just... swimming. And, a lot of the time, the water you're swimming in is not the cleanest.

Reaction to swimming is the same as a bath
Reaction to swimming is the same as a bath. Picture: Twitter/mariahlleonard

How you were raised probably plays a big role in what side of the debate you land on. But, honestly, a lot of people were just shook at the idea that "swimming counts as a bath".

Swimming counts as a bath/shower reaction
Swimming counts as a bath/shower reaction. Picture: Twitter/@shydeerkisses
Swimming Bath reaction
Swimming Bath reaction. Picture: Twitter/@24Shaft
Swimming counts as a bath reactions
Swimming counts as a bath reactions. Picture: Twitter/@rileigh_sewell

Honestly, we're not here to judge. HOWEVER, with people openly admitting that they don't wash their legs or feet, and rocking up to supermarkets and licking unopened ice cream tubs, we will be having a hygienic ice cream free summer away from public pools.

What do you guys think? Does swimming count as a bath?