This new synesthesia test tells you what colour your name is

11 February 2020, 15:34

By Sam Prance

It's time to find out exactly what colour you name is according to this synesthesia quiz.

A brand new synesthesia test is breaking the internet and the quiz tells you what colour each of the letters in your name is.

Another year, another test is going viral online. It's no secret that people love taking tests. In 2019 alone, people couldn't get over the IDRlabs sexual orientation test (which tells you exactly how gay you are), Shindanmaker's personality test (which tells you if you're stupid, horny or cursed) and Shindanmaker's vibe check test (which tells you if you pass the vibe check or not).

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Now everyone is doing a synesthesia test and it's based on real science and reporting from someone with synesthesia.

What is synesthesia? Take the new test below.

This new Synesthesia test reveals what colour your name is
This new Synesthesia test reveals what colour your name is. Picture: Synesthesia.Me, FBE

Synesthesia is a neurological condition which causes people to process information with multiple senses at once. The trait is estimated to be shared by roughly 4% of the US population and it manifests itself in multiple ways. Popstars including Billie Eilish and Lorde have opened up about having synesthesia.

Writing for Elemental, Bernadette Sheridan, who created the popular new Synesthesia.Me test, explained: "People who see or associate letters and numbers with specific colors have grapheme-color synesthesia, and it’s the most common form."

She then added: "Other forms of synesthesia involve seeing or feeling musical notes as colors or textures, having visualized representations of time, and in rare cases, even tasting words."


Bernadette says she created her synesthesia test so that people could see the exact colours she sees when she hears their names. All you have to do is type in your name and it reveals the colours Bernadette associates with each letter in your name with a personal illustration.


The test doesn't account for everyone with synesthesia because everyone with grapheme-colour synesthesia has their own unique palette of colours they associate with letters. However, it does aim to give you a good idea of what having synesthesia is like.

What colour is your name?