16 hilarious Tall Girl memes you'll laugh at if you can't stop thinking about the Netflix movie

18 September 2019, 18:06 | Updated: 18 September 2019, 18:16

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Raise your hand if you can't stop thinking about Dunkleman, that DAMN crate and Tall Girl's height in the film.

Tall Girl arrived on Netflix on 13 September and it's fair to say that reviews have been mixed. Ava Michelle stars as the aforementioned Tall Girl and the critique of the film has been largely focused on the fact that being tall isn't exactly a struggle, as well as the inconvenient reality that 6 foot 1 really isn't all that tall!

Still, people have been watching and sharing their thoughts about the film. Unsurprisingly, the memes and posts about Tall Girl are hilarious and point out some of the film's more loveable, albeit absurd, aspects.

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Everything from Jodi's exaggerated height to Dunkleman's crate got the meme treatment. And don't even get Twitter started on Sabrina Carpenter's perfect and hilarious portrayal of Jodi's older sister, Harper.

You may be conflicted after watching Tall Girl, but you can't deny the sheer QUALITY of the internet's memes and reactions to the film.

Can't wait for the sequel. 2 Tall 2 Furious.

Tall Girl should have just squared up, tbh.

The REAL tall girl has arrived, hunny.


Short kings, wya?

Dunkleman hive, make some noise 🗣️

The bullies were pretty mild tBH.

Harper was on another level.

* high pitched squeal *

I'm guessing Dutch people are...actually tall?

Points were made...

Sabrina Carpenter's best moment in Tall Girl.

But also....

This line was art, tbh.

Tall Girl was a wild ride from start to finish, HOWEVER, we're not going to act like Dunkelman and his little crate didn't have us in our feelings.

What do you guys think? What was the wildest/most memorable Tall Girl moment for you?