Taylor Swift Dancing To Emo And Pop Punk Bands Is Your New Fave Meme

20 February 2018, 11:44

Taylor Swift Dancing Meme
Taylor Swift Dancing Meme. Picture: Apple, FBR

By James Wilson-Taylor

From Waterparks to Neck Deep, TayTay loves to get down to all the best tracks the pop punk scene has to offer.

Taylor Swift is, of course, well known for her dancing abilities, whether in a choreographed music video or in the crowd at an awards ceremony.

But did you know that Swifty is a huge pop punk and emo scene kid?

Well you do now thanks to the hilarious Twitter account @TSwiftDancingTo which imagines what it would be like if the pop megastar got her groove on to the likes of Waterparks, Paramore, Creeper, Neck Deep and Tonight Alive.

Check out some of the amazing edits in the clips below:

She's ready for the moshpit.

Check out the full selection of clips over @TSwiftDancingTo now.