This Teenager's Hair Became A Meme And Now He’s Suing Everybody

26 October 2016, 11:26 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Mullet Meme Haircut
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

This is ridiculous.

So here's your WTF news story of the day. A teenager in Australia is suing multiple media outlets for making fun of his haircut which was widely shared on the internet after it became a meme. Yep.

The teenager in question, Ali Ziggi Mosslmani, now aged 17, became a meme all the way back in 2015 thanks to his fabulous mullet haircut which, for those unaware, is a haircut pioneered in the 80s which was specifically designed to make people look like they'd clipped on a small furry animal to the back of their head. 

A photo of Ali dancing with a girl (see above) at a party was uploaded to Facebook by one of his friends. Within days, various memes started doing the rounds. Let's revisit some of those, shall we?

There was the pythagorean theorem meme. A classic, we're sure you'll agree.

Mullet Meme Haircut


Who can forget that beautiful skunk one? 2015 was truly the time to be alive.

Mullet Meme Haircut


Everyone loves a game of pin the mullet...except Ali, obviously.

Mullet Meme Haircut


We don't really get this one as much but we're always here for a kebab-based meme tbh.

Mullet Meme Haircut


Unfortunately, Ali doesn't have much of a sense of humour and has decided to pursue a legal case against Daily Mail Australia, The Daily Telegraph and KIIS radio for defamation for photoshopping "pictures of the plaintiff ... on Mount Rushmore, on a dollar bill, as 'pin the tail on the donkey' and as a horse." Here are some of the alleged pleas from Ali's lawyers.


According to legal records, the judge presiding over the case, Judge Judith Gibson, noted "the plaintiff's striking mullet haircut has generated a great deal of interest on the internet, most of it humorous, and some of it in the form of clever observations, such as the 'Pythagoras' direction [digitally added to the plaintiff's head] in one of the memes."

But she has already dismissed the claim that the memes suggested Mosslmani was "hideously ugly". She said "the closest any such picture gets to suggesting there is anything unattractive (as opposed to ridiculous) in the plaintiff's appearance is the photograph where a skunk has been added to the plaintiff's head."

LOL! Judge Judith knows her memes!

Would you sue if you were made into a meme? Seems a bit ridiculous to us. But maybe we would think differently if we were 17 and we felt like the whole world was laughing at us. Either way, this lawsuit will only reignite the circulation of the memes, so Ali's kinda shooting himself in the foot. Oh dear.

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Mullet Meme Haircut