This Guy Tried To "Take Back The Rainbow" But Gay Twitter Said Hell No

24 July 2017, 16:53

Gay Boat
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Well that backfired spectacularly...

As we mentioned in a recent article, the rainbow became synonymous with the LGBTQ community when the late Gilbert Baker designed the rainbow flag back in 1978. It's since become a symbol for the LGBTQ community the world over and you'd think people are kinda used to the idea by now, right?

Think again. Meet Ken Ham, who is the president and founder of the Creation Museum, which is also home to a life-size Noah's Ark.

I must say that is a very impressive ark.

He recently tweeted out images of the ark adorned with rainbow lighting. Sounds like a nice idea until you realise Ken hoped to "take back" the rainbow.

"Who do the gays think they are? Coming over here, stealing our rainbows" etc...


Well, instead of demanding the rainbow is reserved for LGBTQ people only (it's not - we're happy to lend it out from time to time) the gays of Twitter decided to get even - by claiming the ark as one of their own and calling it "a queer icon".

It started off with a single tweet.


And then Twitter went WILD for it.


The Babadook is babashook over #GayBoat.


It's true: boats are older and gayer than Judy Garland.


So proud!


Her REAL name tho...


So, what have we learned today? Well, don't try to "take back" the rainbow from Gay Twitter and some ships are gay - get over it!

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