The Internet Turned The Rudest Tweet Into The Most Iconic Meme

Future that liberals want
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Actually screaming.

Twitter is a place where a lot of objectively bad opinions live. It's not unique to the site itself, but people really do love to air their funky viewpoints in that particular venue. 

So, when someone tweeted this little gem, they probably expected it to disappear into the void. 

Future that liberals want

What this tweet is trying to articulate is that there is something inherently unnatural about these two people coexisting, or existing at all.

Anyone who lives in a big city knows that daily commutes on public transportation is full of people from all religions, races, and gender identities.

The "what liberals want" sentiment is the perfect storm of stupidity and intolerance. 

Of course, Twitter did what Twitter does best and turned the whole thing into a giant meme. 

Some of the things that liberals want sound frikken' sweet.

The performer pictured even responded to all the new attention from the meme. 

Good job, internet! You turned one of the dumbest tweets of all time into a major source of laughs.