These Tide Pod Shots Will Make You Want To Quit Drinking Forever

2 February 2018, 11:30

Tide Pod Shot
Tide Pod Shot. Picture: Twitter, Viacom

By James Wilson-Taylor

Bars across the states are mixing up new recipes in order to cash in on the worst meme of the year.

The current, incredibly stupid trend of teenagers eating Tide Pods, those colourful pouches of detergent, has ruined many things for us already (donuts, memes, sushi). But now, these laundry-fluid ingesting fools have managed to commit the ultimate sin - they are making bars lame.

Mashable reports that several drinking establishments across the US have begun serving novelty shots designed to look like a Tide Pod.

First up is Barcelona Bar in NYC, known for making previous "fun" shots themed around the likes of Harry Potter.

But wait, there's (unfortunately) more.

The Molly's Irish Grille And Sports Pub in Pennsylvania has created their own version made out out of blue Cuaraco, Bailey's and vodka with orange food colouring.

No thanks.

So, if you were hoping we could leave this meme in January, you will be very disappointed. Dear god, let's hope this dies off before March.