Someone Made Tide Pods That Are Safe To Eat Because The Internet

11 January 2018, 10:41 | Updated: 11 January 2018, 12:44

Tide Pods
Tide Pods. Picture: Tide, Viacom

By James Wilson-Taylor

A Tumblr user has crafted a basic kitchen recipe that is actually safe for consumption.

In the weirdest meme of 2018 so far, thousands of people online have suddenly become obsessed with the idea of eating Tide pods aka those little colourful sacks of dertergent you throw in with your laundry.

Happy new year everybody.

And because we can't ever have nice things, there are a few individuals (YouTubers) who have taken it upon themselves to actually attempt to eat them rather than just joke about it (NOTE - we cannot stress hard enough how dumb an idea that is and cannot believe we have to actually say that but there you go).

Forbidden Fruit Candy made at Lofty Pursuits

Yeah, there are some fake candy-style versions already but what can you do if you want something that looks more convincing?

One Reddit user has adapted their sushi into a tide pod but, come on, we need something really legit!

Well, if you are really that desperate to eat them, one clever Tumblr user has now developed a recipe for a safe to eat version of the pods, using gelatin, condensed milk and two different temperatures of water (yum).

If you wanna freak out your friends, just try the recipe included below: