Passport makeup trend goes viral for giving you a 'perfect' photo

27 May 2022, 17:16

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

If my passport photo looked this good I would simply tape it across my actual face.

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Everybody knows that if you want to find out what's hot in the beauty world then TikTok is the place. Whether it's the latest viral mascara or foundation hack, TikTok will tell us the best tips and tricks. Well now, people are sharing how to create the most flawless passport photo makeup look.

As you know your passport photo is one of the most of the most important pictures you'll ever take. One bad stroke of winged liner, dodgy contouring or uneven brows and you're still with it for 10 years. But a good passport photo? The possibilities are endless (Tyra Banks famously got booked for a modelling gig from her passport photo alone, you know.)

When it comes to perfecting the passport photo look, look no further than TikTok beauty content creator Georgia Barratt. In April, she shared a tutorial on how to achieve her striking passport photo look and it quickly went viral.

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Passport photo makeup is trending on TikTok and it looks stunning
Passport photo makeup is trending on TikTok and it looks stunning. Picture: @georgia.barratt via TikTok

According to Georgia, it's all about symmetry and lifting the face to make it appear really snatched. That means you'll need to brush your brows upwards, add plenty of contouring on the temples, cheeks, chin and jawline. And don't forget to go really bright with concealer under the eyes too to really widen the eye area.

Complete the lewk with "fox" eyeliner to elongate the eye and then over-line the lips, before finishing with a nude gloss.

People are recreating the viral makeup look on TikTok.

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