The funniest celeb reactions to losing their blue ticks on Twitter

21 April 2023, 12:37

Selena Gomez quits social media

By Sam Prance

Charli XCX? Halle Berry? Suki Waterhouse? They're all officially unverified now.

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Twitter has removed blue tick verifications from people who don't pay for Twitter Blue and the celeb reactions are hilarious.

Throughout 2022, Elon Musk has teased that that he will be making blue tick verifications only available for people who pay for Twitter's premium service Twitter Blue. Yesterday (Apr 20), Elon officially made this rule a reality. As a result, celebrities, journalists and companies who previously had legacy verified accounts no longer have blue ticks on the platform.

Everyone from Beyoncé to Selena Gomez no longer has a blue tick on Twitter and those that still have blue ticks are either paying for Twitter Blue, or are affiliated with a verified organisation.

Naturally, celebrities are tweeting about their newfound unverified existences. Some are happy, others are angry and then there are those who are pointing out the negative affect that this will have.

With that in mind, we've put together a compilation of just a few of the best celeb reactions to losing their ticks for you.

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The funniest celeb reactions to losing their blue ticks on Twitter
The funniest celeb reactions to losing their blue ticks on Twitter. Picture: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic, @halleberry via Twitter

1) Charli XCX is living for her newfound unverified life!

2) FINNEAS wanted out.

3) Lauren Jauregui does not care for Elon Musk.

4) YUNGBLUD is into it.

5) Is this the real Anne-Marie?

6) Kylie Sonique Love is thinking about how this will affect other drag queens.

7) Omar Apollo is not getting involved with this Twitter Blue business.

8) Ciara knows what's good.

9) Phil Lester just dropped a plot twist.

10) Suki Waterhouse has entered another dimension.

11) Rachel Zegler is celebrating her freedom.

12) Halle Berry continues to be hilarious.

13) MNEK is processing it all.

14) Stephen King is confused as to why he still has a blue check.

15) For context, it looks like Elon is being a dweeb.

On a serious note, while the lack of blue checks likely won't affect established celebrities very much, verified accounts can help people block harassment. They also help rising stars, like RuPaul's Drag Race contestants, establish themselves.

Whether or not Elon will go back on his decision remains to be seen. Twitter Blue currently starts at $8 a month and gives people verification and the option to edit their tweets, format their tweets and write longer tweets.

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