The "u want this" bunny meme will make you cry wholesome tears

9 November 2018, 18:20

U want this bunny meme
Picture: CW/Twitter
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

This wholesome bunny emoji meme made up of keyboard characters asks you if "u want this".

Twitter consistently comes up with the internet's best memes. Chances are the platform has you either quietly muttering "weird flex but ok" 52 times a day or chuckling to yourself every time you hear "HOW LONG".

Some of Twitter's best inside jokes are even wholesome and the keyboard character bunny asking "u want this" has to be the perfect example. Essentially, the "u want this" bunny meme wants to give you a little something, but you'll have to work for it first.

Nothing in life comes free and the bunny saying "u want this" embodies that perfectly.

Sometimes, there are no hoops to jump through.

In fact, lots of the jokes revolved around the bunny giving away its love and it's too real for anyone who falls for people way too easily.

Nothing to see here. Just a casual game of catch.

Oh. This is....way too real.

U want to save the planet? THEN GET TO WORK.

How does the entire plot of The Little Mermaid fit into the "u want this" tweet format?

Damn, you didn't have to tell the truth like this, sis.

The "u want this" bunny can get a little sassy.

If someone offers me a burrito, they're getting my full love and devotion. PERIOD.

Raise your hand if you were waiting for the Britney "u want this" joke.