Uno just revealed their actual rules and you've been playing it wrong this whole time

24 May 2019, 16:22

By Sam Prance

A new tweet about the official Uno rules has gone viral and the internet can't deal...

Uno just confirmed their official rules on Twitter and it turns out that we've all been playing it wrong this whole time.

It's no secret that Uno is a huge part of many of our lives. Ever since the hit card game came out in 1971, it's been incredibly popular. In fact, Uno is so beloved that it's become a family staple alongside games like Monopoly and Scrabble. No matter if you're a child, a teenager or an adult, Uno slaps. However, like any game, Uno rules vary from house to house and now Uno has sparked huge controversy by revealing what the actual rules are. Even Shane Dawson is shook.

Which official Uno rules are people getting wrong?

Uno rules: The official rules of the card game will shock you
Uno rules: The official rules of the card game will shock you. Picture: Mattel // Channel 9 Australia

Taking to Twitter this week, Uno tweeted: "🗣You 🗣DO NOT🗣 need to pull a card until you have a color that matches the discard pile. 🗣" alongside an image that says: "If you don't have a card to play, you only have to pick up ONE card". Okay so, in other words, when you can't play, you only pick up one card and then, if you still can't play, the next person goes. If you can't play on your next turn, you still only pick up one card. YES. This is official.

The first Uno rule you're probably playing wrong.

Wild right? The tweet was so divisive that it quickly amassed more than 28,000 replies of people arguing about it. That's not all though. A player tweeted back: "Next you'll be telling em you can't stack +2 and +4 cards to make the 6th person along pick up 22 cards" and Uno replied: "You can't stack cards!" So if the person before you plays a +2 or a +4 you must pick what the card says up even if you have a +2 or +4. No stacks or chains allowed.

The second Uno rule you're playing wrong.

Okay. I'm ready to fight. This rule is trash. The first rule is trash. Home rules for the win. Thankfully, we are not the only ones who are distressed and upset by Uno's recent revelations. Comments surrounding the tweets range from "my entire life is a lie" to "how dare you?". People are also pretty sure that Uno on mobile and games consoles says otherwise. YouTube star Shane Dawson went for the classic "WHAT?!!"

Here's how Shane Dawson reacted.

Fingers crossed this means that Shane Dawson's next documentary will explore the controversial world of Uno. Until then we'll be using our own Uno rules because life is too short not to. If you want to play the actual rules though you can read them here.

How do you and your friends and family play Uno?