Victorious fans are losing it over this Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia lookalike on TikTok

28 November 2019, 12:52 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 11:14

By Katie Louise Smith

"Nah, somebody gotta get Victoria and Avan on the phone, cause something ain’t adding up."

I think we can all agree that it's been a pretty iconic 12 months for fans of Victorious – mostly thanks to Ariana Grande's power.

From reuniting with her co-stars Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies in her 'thank u, next' video to performing on stage with the two of them during the Sweetener World Tour to sing some iconic tracks from the show, Ariana has given fans of the Nickelodeon show everything they've ever wanted.

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And now it looks like Victorious stars Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia have reunited... in the form of ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. No, it's not a baby. Don't be stupid. It's a TikTok star.

TikTok teen is going viral because of her resemblance to Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia
TikTok teen is going viral because of her resemblance to Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia. Picture: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images, @1m4p13ce0fsh1t via TikTok, David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Earlier this week, TikTok star Paige Neimann went viral for her impersonation of currently day Ariana mixed with Sam & Cat era Ariana. The video caught the attention of fans and Ariana herself, who was a little confused about the mash-up at first.

But now, fans have discovered another TikTok user @1m4p13ce0fsh1t (real name Ali) who bears a terrifyingly accurate resemblance to Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia. She literally looks like the love child of Tori Vega and Beck Oliver and the internet is absolutely shaking.

Not only does she acknowledge the fact that she looks like a perfect blend of the two stars, Ali has also made a couple of videos playing right into the Victorious hype by appearing in skits with Ariana Grande look-a-like @lilpatti and Liz Gillies look-a-like @elongatedmusk.

Fans on Twitter have also clocked that she also has a whole series of Victorious videos too.