Someone Made Fan Art Of Your Fave Vines And Everyone Is Losing Their Sh*t

5 January 2018, 16:36

Vine Fan Art
Vine Fan Art. Picture: @zephanijong

By James Wilson-Taylor

Zephani Jong has done sketches of everyone from Gavin to the 'Welcome To Chilis' guy that are so good, people are begging to buy prints.

What is even better than a good piece of art to hang on your wall? How about art based around all of your fave Vines and their creators?

Well, you are in luck as artist Zephani Jong recently took to Twitter with a rather brilliant idea:

Count us in!

Yep, Zephani has sketched out all of the greatest Vines that took the internet by storm, and the results are truly amazing:

Iconic. Every single one of them.

And, much to her surprise, the artwork has received a huge amount of attention online with over 35k retweets at the time of writing. Many new fans are also asking where they can buy prints of the pictures and even encouraging her to make a full book.

Make it happen internet - we all need one of these in hardback for our coffee tables!

Check out more of Zeph's incredible art over on her Instagram page here.