The 'weird flex but ok' meme is breaking the internet and it's hilarious

23 October 2018, 11:51 | Updated: 23 October 2018, 11:53

By Sam Prance

What does 'weird flex but ok' mean though?

The internet is back at it with another viral meme. 2018 has already come up with some classics. In the past few weeks alone, we have been blessed with the presidential alert meme (when Donald Trump invaded people's phones), the Elizabeth Gillies strutting meme (head to toe glamour) and the Nicki stopped my bag meme (Nicki Minaj is still a meme icon). Now the 'weird flex but ok' meme is everywhere.

What is 'weird flex but ok', what's its origin and what does it mean though? The meme is simple. If people are seen boasting about something bizarre on Twitter or social media in general (old people bragging about the good 'ol days etc.), all you've got to do is retweet or reply to it with the phrase 'weird flex but ok'. It may not sound too funny on paper but when used in the correct context it's hilarious.

The 'weird flex but ok' meme
The 'weird flex but ok' meme. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures // Thru The Lens

We've done a bit of sleuthing and 'weird flex but ok' was first used back in January this year. Twitter user @finnfeighery used it on New Year's Day in response to a tweet by human rights activist Malala. Not much happened in the immediate aftermath of the tweet but gradually since then it's gone on to become one of Twitter's most popular phrases and a core part of social media language.

Don't believe us? The tweets speak for themselves. With that in mind, we've gathered just a few of the best 'weird flex but ok' memes in one place for you.

It works for grandparents...


Granddad is lowkey playing himself.

...and students at Christian colleges.



It suits 'Love Island' contestants...


Alex walked right into this one.

...and people who aren't getting the most out of their sex life.


No comment.

Some people are being brutal with it.


Way harsh Tai.

Others are applying it to really specific videos.


We can't.

People are giving it the Harry Potter treatment.


This shouldn't be as funny as it is.

Then there are those who are pressed that it's become part of their daily vocabulary.


We sympathise.

And last but not least...


We need to log off.