TikTok's Willy Wonka deletes "offensive" Spanish video following backlash

5 October 2020, 12:09 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 11:12

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Wait – why is Willy Wonka on TikTok cancelled?

The internet has cancelled TikTok's Willy Wonka after he shared a video that was accused of stereotyping Hispanic people.

In case you didn't know, Willy Wonka has one of the most popular TikTok accounts on the platform right now. Also known as Duke Depp, the 19-year-old star from Utah has amassed over 14 million TikTok followers for dressing up and impersonating the iconic Charlie and The Chocolate Factory character.

However, last week, Willy Wonka sparked backlash for posting a video which some deemed offensive by the Hispanic community.

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Willy Wonka deletes "offensive" Spanish video following backlash
Willy Wonka deletes "offensive" Spanish video following backlash. Picture: @willywonkatiktok via TikTok

Why is TikTok's Willy Wonka cancelled?

Willy Wonka was effectively "cancelled" after he made a video which was accused of stereotyping Hispanic people.In the video in question, Willy Wonka is asked by a fan if he can speak Spanish. Willy Wonka then replies: "Hola, soy Willy Wonka, si?" before eating a tortilla chip and giving a thumbs up to camera.

Some found the video offensive and said he was reinforcing a stereotype about Hispanic people, especially because he ate a tortilla chip. However, others insisted that the video wasn't offensive at all.

Willy Wonka has now deleted the video and apologised. On Twitter, he said: "I am so so sorry about my 'Spanish speaking video' on TikTok. Looking back on the video now I absolutely understand why the video was wrong. To anyone who I hurt with the video I apologize, and I promise to be better."

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