The "Yanny" Vs "Laurel" Debate Has The Internet DIVIDED - But What Do You Hear?

16 May 2018, 14:16

Yanny or Laurel
Picture: Twitter/OWN

By Katie Louise Smith

I'm sorry but facts are facts - the clip says "Yanny".

Over the past few years, many things have tried to cause internet-wide mass panic like The Blue and Black Dress™ but none have truly had the range or the longevity. UNTIL NOW.

A video has gone viral of an automated voice saying a word and the internet can't make up its mind over whether it says 'Yanny' or 'Laurel'. The video was originally shared on Reddit on May 13 and then posted on Twitter by YouTuber Cloe Couture a few days later where it's been viewed almost 8 million times.

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The clip has sent Twitter into a complete meltdown with users tweeting and forming alliances with people based on what they hear in the video. So far, there's no clear winner. The vote is split. It is a hung parliament. The world is burning. People are fighting in the streets. Relationships are crumbling. The economies of countries all over the world are collapsing. It's like the Hunger Games out here.

Turns out, there's some science behind why you're hearing one thing and all your friends are hearing the other - and it's all to do with the frequencies that your brain picks up. If you heard "Yanny", it's because your brain is more receptive to higher frequencies and if you heard "Laurel", your brain is more receptive to the lower frequencies.

And if you adjust the bass and pitch, you can actually hear both Yanny AND Laurel. That's is. That's the science.

FYI - when I started writing this article, I heard Yanny. And now all I can hear is Laurel. I'm logging off. Bye.