This zodiac meme is way too real for anyone who is EXACTLY like their star sign

23 November 2018, 22:03

Star signs
Picture: E!/CW
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

For anyone who truly believes in the zodiac signs, the "signs as" meme will make you realise just accurate your favourite horoscopes really are.

If you're a firm believer in the stars, like we are, you'll now that your zodiac sign pretty much says everything about you. Are you a perfectionist Virgo? A passionate Scorpio or a two faced Gemini (like yours truly)? The stars know and so does Twitter according to everyone's new favourite meme.

People are asking the hard hitting questions and hilariously answering them using the signs. For example, someone might decide to list the Zodiac signs as actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, et voila, we have ourselves a chef's kiss of a zodiac meme.

Some people's observations about the signs were pretty straight forward.

When it comes time to talk AHS Coven, I have ALL day and I suddenly want to be all the signs at once.

Other people's observations were shady as hell.

As a Gemini, I can confirm that all we know how to do it talk.

The term "one track mind" suddenly seems useful.

There were no lies detected.

I feel...attacked?