This weird Subway commercial went viral and the internet can't cope

28 June 2019, 15:30

Subway Commercial
Subway Commercial. Picture: Subway

By PopBuzz

Like... what?

A strange ad is going viral three years after it was originally released - and the internet is extremely confused.

The ad has gained a huge reaction online after it was re-posted to Twitter yesterday by Ryan Simmonds, a video director in New York, with the caption “got another capitalism greatest hit. i will give you one hundred thousand dollars if you can guess the brand by the end.”

The ad starts with the birth of a child and follows him as he goes through life’s milestones, watching him take his first steps, climb trees, shave for the first time, go through his first heartbreak, go on a life-changing trip around the world, all to reach the very logical and sensible end-point of… buying a sandwich from Subway?

Yep, the new ad, with its high production and cinematic style seems like it would be more suited to advertising private healthcare or a bank or something far more boring, but instead it’s a 2016 ad from Brazil advertising the sandwich shop.

The ad ends with the boy - now a man - going to Subway while a voiceover says in Portuguese: “Everyday, life asks the same question: What are you going to try today?" We can only assume the answer is an overpriced sandwich.

The internet’s reactions to the ad have been quite something.

This GIF is… alarmingly accurate.

The ad has, of course, inspired a variety of memes.

We personally feel trapped and scared by this response.

This… is obviously not true.

Life comes at you fast.


Wait, is Sandwich Man… my ex-boyfriend?

Maybe this type of ad could catch on though?

Or… maybe not.

I think I need a lie down.