Beauty Gurus Can Be Gamers Too - Here’s The Awesome Proof

16 November 2015, 17:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Beauty Gurus Gaming Channels

By Victoria Pavlova

So down for this.

Women have been part of the gaming community on YouTube for ages, even if, for whatever reason, they don't get as much recognition as their male counterparts. LADY GAMERS?! What is this, the future?

But we've been noticing a trend in the making, the beginning of what coulld (hopefully) become a massive shift in the beauty community. A few of our fave beauty peeps have either started posting game-related videos or started entire channels expressly for gaming purposes. 

First there was Michelle Phan, ever the trailblazer, who launched her joint gaming channel with SwooZie back in the Neolithic era (2010). Michelle shared some of her fave games, a couple of Let's Plays and then the channel sort of fizzled out. The world wasn't ready.

It would take another four years or so for other beauty YouTubers to start venturing into gaming again. Last year personal fave and glorious vamp queen Rachel Whitehurst did a complete overhaul of her channel and her new direction now includes What I've Been Playing videos. 

The cool thing about Rachel's videos is that the format is more in line with a beauty and lifestyle channel than a gaming one. Her (mostly female) audience seems to be relishing in the discussion and there have even been a few comment suggestions for a full-on channel. Into it.

Then there's CutiePieMarzia, aka Marzia Bisognin. This beauty and lifestyle guru has almost 6 million subscribers, but she's been doing Let's Play videos on PewDiePie's (the boyf's) channel. Not making any assumptions here, but those videos have become some of his most viewed to date. So uh, if hypothetically she decided to start her own gaming channel, I'm guessing a few (million) people would be down for that.

And if that doesn't count as a full-on crossover (yet), our YouTuber of the day, CloudyApples, has just launched a gaming channel of her own. It's hilarious, incredibly well produced and a bit sweary-er than her usual fare. The channel amassed 6,000 subscribers in the first day after her announcement and currently sits at nearly 8,500. That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it does make it one of the fastest growing new channels out there.

It'll also make you snort laugh, so it's probably worth subscribing right now.

So the lesson here is that in 2015, there is an audience for female gamers. And with beauty gurus - some of whom we know are gamers because we're a little too obsessed with daily vlogs - having a built in audience, it kinda makes sense to capitalise on two of the biggest YouTube communities at the moment. 

I'm going to go ahead and predict that we'll be seeing quite a bit of makeup and lifestyle experts move into gaming in the next year or so. And then we'll have to see if and how the beauty and gaming audiences can mesh. Yay feminism! Yay ladies in gaming! Yay representation! What do you think? To trend or not to trend?