Bella Poarch has been banned from making comments on TikTok

12 October 2020, 11:54 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 10:44

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Apparently, Bella's comments "violated community guidelines".

Bella Poarch has been banned from making comments on TikTok, even on her own page, after being mass reported by trolls.

Last week (Oct 9), Bella complained on Twitter that she had been punished by TikTok. Her crime? Erm, posting a llama emoji. The TikTok star shared a screengrab which showed a message she had received from the platform that accused her of "violating community guidelines". In order to "maintain a safe and friendly environment for everyone on TikTok" her access to comments was taken away. 

"I’m banned from commenting on tiktok for now because people are mass reporting my comments," Bella tweeted. "What’s wrong with people."

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The ban only lasted 24 hours, however, just days later Bella revealed it had happened again. This time after she commented "Nice," alongside a llama and two hearts on a post. "I just don’t understand," she tweeted, showing that she had been banned from making comments until October 13. "I try to respond to everyone who comments on my videos and now I can't even do that."

Considering Bella currently has the most-liked video on the platform, it's unlikely her account will be permanently banned. However, there's no word yet on if TikTok will tackle the issue of mass reporting big creators on the platform.

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