Belle Delphine sent a jar of her own spit to YouTuber Ethan Klein

22 July 2019, 11:56

Belle Delphine and Ethan Klein.
Belle Delphine and Ethan Klein. Picture: YouTube: h3 Podcast/h3h3 Productions
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Is there anything Belle Delphine won't sell?

Belle Delphine went viral after revealing she is selling her own bath water for "thirsty" fans at just $30 a jar. Although there were fake rumours that people contracted herpes from her contaminated water, Belle's not stopping there. Now, if you're lucky enough, there's a chance you can snap up her spit too.

Belle Delphine responds to ‘claims’ that her bath water caused herpes

The Instagram model sent YouTuber Ethan Klein of h3h3 a custom "mystery" gift in the post, which turned out to be her spit. Ethan was lucky enough to get the present and a personal direct message on Twitter from Belle, after he suggested that she sell jars of her farts on his h3 podcast.

Flattered by the mention, Belle then asked for his address and sent him a mysterious package with no information of its contents.


Later Ethan received the parcel, which had been carefully wrapped by Belle herself, and unboxed it during an episode of his podcast. Sadly, when Ethan opened up the package there was no fart in a jar to be seen (or smelt).

However, what he did receive was a jar of Belle's own spit and she even provided Ethan with a video showing her spitting into the jar so you know it's legit. Ethan shared the video on his podcast and it was... very, very grim.

Ethan said he was "blown away" by how much spit she could actually produce and to be fair, people would probably pay some good money for some "valuable" Gamer Girl spittle. That wasn't the only gift, though, the YouTuber was also lucky enough to get a cap that read: "I own Belle Delphine's spit."

Watch the video here.

More proof that Belle Delphine is truly the gift that keeps on giving.